CD Projekt Red Created Awesome Video for Departing Dev

CD Projekt Red Created Awesome Video for Departing Dev

Being a game designer is often a brutal labor of love, and one that often doesn’t receive the appreciation it deserves from game developing and publishing companies. However, the same can’t be said of CD Projekt Red and Brad, an Animation Lead that recently departed the company, as the team wouldn’t let him go without a proper send-off.

Turnover is high at most gaming companies, with new team members coming in and old ones leaving all the time, but Brad Auty apparently stood out as someone special. A small team at CD Projekt Red created a short animated tribute to the man on his departure from the company. The video exalts Brad’s hard work during his three years at CD Projekt Red, his talent, and how he motivated his team. Over his years there, he rose in the ranks from Animator to Animation Lead, and even helped to bring the beloved card game Gwent of The Witcher to life.

This video might seem at odds with the negative attention CD Projekt Red has received in the past for its treatment of its employees. Employees took to CD Projekt Red’s Glassdoor profile to complain about working conditions, and the attention became so extreme that CD Projekt Red released an official statement on the issue. However, this is a problem that’s prevalent all over the gaming industry.

Other game developers like Rockstar have received criticism for overworking its employees, with claims that hundred-hour work weeks and so-called crunch culture are often commonplace. Game devs who formerly worked at the recently-shuttered Telltale Games have also complained of the same, and weren’t paid overtime in accordance to their long hours. While CD Projekt Red’s tribute to Brad Auty may or may not speak to an overall change in CD Projekt Red’s working conditions, it’s clear that there’s a good camaraderie between the employees there, at the very least.

Although Brad Auty is now moving on with his career, it was no doubt a touching surprise to watch this tribute for the first time. If nothing else, the video will surely bolster the man’s resume, as he can safely declare that CD Projekt Red officially pronounced him to be pretty cool.

Source: Reddit