Devil May Cry 5: Where to Find All Secret Missions

Devil May Cry 5: Where to Find All Secret Missions

Dante and the crew are back in Devil May Cry 5, and as it was with previous installments, there are a series of secret missions for players to find and conquer. Like before, some are easy to find, while others take a bit of searching. The challenges that lie within also vary, with some testing the limits of a player’s skill. In this guide, we’ll break down where to find each mission and what needs to be done to complete them.

The 12 secret missions in Devil May Cry 5 are hidden behind special glyphs that act as gateways to a realm where the missions are undertaken. To activate the glyphs, players will need to line up its symbols by adjusting the game’s camera perspective. Once all the pieces are lined up, the glyph will glow bright red and display a prompt with the words “Secret Mission” on it. Some of the missions are very difficult, so if one is proving too challenging, the game allows players to try it again later from the main menu.

For those that would prefer a video guide, we recommend this one from PowerPyx:

Secret Mission 1

Location: Mission 2 – This glyph is the easiest by far to locate, as the game outright tells you where it is. While traversing the hotel, players will eventually enter a room where a tutorial will guide them through the process. Easy peasy.

How to Complete: Very straightforward and simple. Players are tasked with killing all of the enemies as quickly as possible. Since the enemies are weak, don’t expect a lot of trouble from this one.

Secret Mission 2

Location: Mission 3 – While navigating the sewer, Nero will eventually come across a broken staircase. Jump to the bottom of the stairs, then walk toward the sewer grate and turn around. Look up and the glyph will be in plain sight.

How to Complete: Don’t let any Red Empusa escape. This may seem easy, but those bugs like to run away from players. Spam your strongest moves and your Devil Breakers while keeping an eye on any Empusas that pop up. If any manage to leave, the mission fails.

Secret Mission 3

Location: Mission 4 – Playing as V, shortly after grabbing the first Nidhogg Hatchling, you’ll reach an open area with graffiti of a person with a skeleton with a red skull wrapped around them. Once the battle here begins, summon Nightmare, who will crash through this wall, exposing a secret area. Work your way through the building into a back alley, where a second Nidhogg Hatchling will be. Continue through the level until you come across a spot where you can use both Hatchlings to reach a normally unreachable area. Climb to the top floor of the building beyond, then look down from an opening in the wall and the glyph will activate.

How to Complete: Collect all of the red orbs within the time limit. There are 20 to collect, so survey the room and find the best route to grab them as quickly as possible.

Secret Mission 4

Location: Mission 5 – Nightmare will play an integral part in finding this next secret mission. At one point within the construction area, you’ll jump down and see a wall made of boards and scaffolding; it even has a few posters on it. It’s just asking to be demolished, so call on Nightmare and bring it all down. After killing the enemies that appear, head up the nearby stairs. At the top, look out to the left and a glyph will appear.

How to Complete: Eliminate all the demons without taking a hit. This can be challenging if you aren’t quick, but the mission can be easily completed by purchasing the “Promotion” skill, which lets V ride on Nightmare. This way, Nightmare can do all the work while V kicks back and reaps the rewards.

Secret Mission 5

Location: Mission 8 – In this mission, players will encounter lava falls. In the falls, rocks will form and begin flowing upward. Hopping on and riding these will take you to higher areas. At the second set of lava falls, ride the flow up with your back to the lava. About halfway up, you’ll see a ledge on the left. Jump to it, then use the moving grabbling points to ascend to another ledge. Move to the other side and look below at an area with a Devil Breaker sitting alone off to the side. Jump to the middle of this area, where a small ray of red light will be present. Step on it, turn around, look up, and the entrance will appear.

How to Complete: Get to the goal without touching the ground. This can be a frustrating mission, especially because it requires a rhythm of shooting and grappling over and over. Patient and persistence is key, but Gerbera’s air-dodge is also helpful.

Secret Mission 6

Location: Mission 9 – At one point, right before jumping down a series of ledges, there is a slight split in the path. Following the left path will lead V to an area with a Blue Orb that is blocked by demonic vines. Summoning Nightmare will result in some pruning, allowing V to enter. Head up the stairs in the back and look out to where you entered. The glyph will light up and the secret mission will appear.

How to Complete: Kill all demons within 20 seconds. Time to go hog wild. Unleash Nightmare, buff your demons with L2, and plow through until everything is dead.

Secret Mission 7

Location: Mission 10 – There are doors in this area that will close after a certain amount of time has passed. Later in this mission, players will enter a room with two of those doors, where groups of enemies await. Take them out quickly, then head through the door on the right and up the winding passage. At the top, a platform with with the secret mission awaits. Stand on the beam of light and look up to find the secret mission.

How to Complete: Aim for their weak point and take them down with a single bullet. This one is particularly tricky. Players will need to face one of those enemies with the giant scissors, break through their defenses, and kill them with one shot from their gun. Causing any damage before their weak spot is exposed will result in failure. Work on busting those scissors first, then the enemy’s face will eventually get red aura around it, showing it is ready to attack. This is the moment to strike, so pull the trigger as soon as it appears and complete the mission.

Secret Mission 8

Location: Mission 11 – Navigate through the level until you reach a point where Dante will need to destroy a blood sac to kill the nearby demonic vines. Once done, a short scene will play showing the entire building sinking a bit. Afterwards, instead of progressing down, jump back up to the checkered floor, then up once more to the ledge above. Stand on the left side of this small room and look out the opening in the wall.

How to Complete: Maintain an S Stylish Rank. Completing this all come down to keeping those combos flowing and taking no damage. Take out the more difficult enemies first, if possible, and dodge your way out of any precarious situations.

Secret Mission 9

Location: Mission 12 – Once you’ve opened up the hidden entrance beneath the statue holding the sword, drop down into it. Move forward down the stairs, then up a series of large steps. At the top, turn around and you’ll see an area on the other side of the gap. Jump over to it and you’ll find the secret mission. Just turn the camera around and the glyph will appear.

How to Complete: Stay in the air for 15 seconds. The Caveliere is key to completing this mission, as it lets Dante stay in the air for a long period of time. Simply gain some height then start mashing the attack button. After some practice, it should be fairly simple to stay airborne for 15 seconds. Don’t worry too much about the enemies, just don’t let them hit you or you will fail.

Secret Mission 10

Location: Mission 14 – Shortly after an area where Dante and Nero are fighting nearby, a blood sac will need to be destroyed to progress. Squish the sac and keep moving forward. A second set of vines and a blood sac will eventually block the path. Destroy that one was well and a small area will become available behind it. Head in here and look for the glowing light on the floor. Stand on it, turn the camera around, and the glyph will be present on the ceiling.

How to Complete: Get to the goal without touching the ground. This will take some creative uses of V’s available skills and demons. Griffon can help close part of the distance to the Blue Orb fragment, as he can keep you airborne, and riding Nightmare can also help with staying off the ground. Mix and match, try some things out, and eventually you’ll complete the mission.

Secret Mission 11

Location: Mission 15 – Upon reaching the upgrade statue, head behind it and down a steep decline. At the end of the path, a Punch Line Devil Breaker should be waiting for you. Use double jump (Air Hike) and either the Gerbera or Punch Line Devil Breaker to navigate the steep slopes in this area until you reach an open spot with two Devil Breakers on the ground. Look to the right and climb another steep incline. At the top, you’ll find another secret mission.

How to Complete: Head straight for the goal. Here you’ll find more of what you just went through to get here: lots of steep slopes and walls to ascend. Except now some ledges are collapsable and you are being timed. Utilize the double jump and those Devil Breakers to make it to the top within the time limit.

Secret Mission 12

Location: Mission 16 – During this mission, there are three giant pits that lead to lower levels of the area. In the second pit, there is a small alcove where the secret mission awaits. After arriving at the second pit, jump down to each platform and keep your eyes peels for an opening behind one. Walk into it and the light on the ground should appear. Stand on it, turn around, and you’ll see the secret mission entrance.

How to Complete: Collects a set amount of Red Orbs. This harkens back to the second secret mission, except there is only one Empusa this time around. This goal is to squeeze out 900 Red Orbs, which can be done by utilizing the Dr. Faust firearm. Jump into Gunslinger stance, equip Dr. Faust, and use its unique perks to rack up those orbs.

And with that, players will have found and completed all of the Secret Missions in Devil May Cry 5!

Devil May Cry 5 is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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